Drachengasse English Lover’s 2AK + 2BK

img_0647On Friday the 16th of December the 2AK and the 2BK were in an English theatre in the first district. It was an improvisational theatre. That means that the actors are including the audience. There were four actors which played different games where they included us as the audience. The first thing they did was to act out a play and with every clap they had to change the roles. The first play was about a Christmas pizza and the question was: If you are lactose intolerant, are you also lactose intolerant to reindeer milk.
In the second part, one of the actors had to go outside and the audience chose a Christmas gift which he had to guess. In our case it was a pair of flying shoes and every time he got closer we had to clap. In the last part, the actors acted out something and at one point they pointed at one side of the audience and wanted to have their sentences finished. We had a lot of fun, it was a nice experience.
By Ognjen Milicevic