One month at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in Waterford, Ireland

Thanks to the connections of our English teacher Mag. Karl Michael Blatzer we  – 4 students from the VBS Akademiestraße – got the chance to study one month at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in Waterford, Ireland.  We had the possibility to get an idea of what life as a student is like and to gain experience in a foreign country.  On January 21st the four of us arrived at the airport in Dublin, where we spent one night at a hotel close to the airport and took the bus to Waterford the next morning.  After having settled in, we went to the WIT on Monday the 24th. There we were friendly welcomed and immediately integrated in the marketing course we had cho-sen. We even got our own student IDs as one needs them to enter the library and to to buy things in the shops on campus, as they do not take cash but only plastic mon-ey on the WIT-card. There are machines to top up one’s WIT-card everywhere on campus.  Everyone – teachers and students – seemed to be really interested in us and wanted to know where we were from, why we were there for only one month and not a whole semester, what we were studying back in Austria etc. They were really astonished to hear that we are not yet studying but still going to school back at home! On weekdays we attended the classes and got to know some of the other students, while on weekends we explored Ireland. We went to see Dublin and the beach in Tramore, as well as Blarney castle, where we kissed the famous stone of Eloquence. And of course we went to see the sights in Waterford too, for example we booked a tour at Waterford Chrystal and were shown around the site. We benefited a lot from this month: not only had we the possibility to learn new things at the WIT and to get to know the Irish culture, but to become more independent. Living all on our own in student apartments, there were no parents who would cook, run errands and do the washing-up or the laundry for us.  For all of us this stay in Ireland was a grant experience and nobody regrets going there.  We very much enjoyed our stay in Waterford and are thankful for the experiences we could take home.

Katharina Ludivk, Pia Döbler, Johannes Fleissner, Christine Mair